Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin was born in Pembrokeshire in the UK. Goodwin was obsessed from a very young age with legends of Harry Houdini, and resolved to emulate his hero. Jonathan taught himself to pick locks, and escape from handcuffs and rope. After formal training at Drama School in London, Jonathan had a meteoric rise to success in England, starring in several of his own Television series, and specials and performing his escapes all over the world, including at the private birthday party of Queen Elizabeth II.

Jonathan has been described by the press as “The closest thing this word boasts to a real life Superhero” his feats now far more broad than escapes, Jonathan is an accomplished knife thrower, precision archer, blindfold marksman, fakir, & free climber amongst many other skills. Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, hung from helicopters, free solo’d skyscrapers, and performed a straitjacket escape from a burning rope hanging 300ft up in the air from the London Eye.

Aside from his own TV shows which include The Seven Stupidest Things To Escape From, Deathwish Live (Channel 4), One Way Out & Sharkweek (Discovery Channel), and Dangerman (BBC Worldwide). Jonathan has also been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Jonathan Ross Show, and The Paul O'Grady Show.‚Äč In 2015 Goodwin starred in the West End, performed at Radio City Music Hall, starred in an NBC TV special and headlined a show on Broadway.

Jonathan lives in Las Vegas with his wife, daughter and two scorpions.

Twitter: @TheDaredevil